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Where flowers bloom so does hope! - Lady Bird Johnson

So you have done all the hard work, decluttered, sorted and been to the tip 1000 times.

Your house is ready for viewings …. almost….the finishing touch is to add flowers.

Flowers give an attractive, fresh and clean impression to your potential buyers. They make your home feel alive and welcoming, creating an inviting, appealing space that feels like home to prospective buyers.

Flowers positively influence your sense of smell, they make a house feel like a home.

Flowers and plants should be perfectly suitable for the place that you are putting them. Coffee tables or dining tables, entranceways and bedroom dressers will all look fantastic with larger displays. Smaller side tables or bed nightstands are great for a few fresh flowers.

First impressions count and a beautiful display of flowers catches a buyers attention, shows that you have considered that these buyers are coming that day and made the effort to present your home beautifully, helps them to envisage themselves enjoying the home in the same way, welcoming friends and family in the future.

If you have an open day or a day with back to back viewings splash out – visit Marks and Spencer’s Flowers online or Bloom and Wild, have beautiful bouquets delivered to your home for around £30 that will really make an impact to your potential buyers!

If your budget does not stretch that far seasonal flowers are readily available within local supermarkets, daffodils in the spring are often 99p per bunch and amaryllis plants line the tills at Christmas time!

However for a more sustainable option look out for local flower farms to get seasonal flowers – visit

So put your flowers in the vase, open door and let those potential buyers see your home presented at its best and watch that 'For Sale' sign become a 'Sold Sign'!

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