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Let your Garden Glow

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

The outside space for your property must not be underestimated – it is additional living space that post pandemic potential buyers really appreciate now is not just a ‘nice to have’ but is also a necessity. The benefits of being outdoors for your well being are widely appreciated, the ability to have space for children and dogs, to entertain outside, perhaps even to have a work space in the garden for those working from home are all now important considerations.

But gardens are hard work – not all our gardens are worthy of Chelsea Flower Show design awards – our budgets do not tend to extend to garden furniture that has more than a brief few summers shelf life.

However if you are selling your home you need to make sure you do a few simple things to help potential buyers, be they green fingered or not to feel excited by the outside potential of your property.

As always – de-clutter, through away the old bikes, broken pots, rusty slide. Remove all evidence of the bbq that only has 1 wheel, the planting that your tried and failed at.

Next the lawn, mow it, keep it looking as much like a Wimbledon tennis court as you can – pick up all remnants of animals (know one wants to step in that while they are day dreaming of the location of the hot tub)!

Jet Wash, the sellers best friend, jet wash the patio, the fence, the garden furniture

. Clean everything! The back door, the front door, the garden gate, the drainpipe.

Any woodwork you can put a splash of paint or varnish on do, the shed, the fence the table. Lift everything so it looks maintained and cared for.

If you have the garden furniture create the area for outdoor dining or seating.

And once you have done all that, then if your budget allows to the staging, the cushions, set the table, add some outdoor lighting.

Then stand back and wonder why you are moving!

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