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A Lick of Lavender....

If you picked the up the Sunday Times this weekend you would have noticed an article by Katrina Burroughs regarding the colour Lavender.

I have daughters and I have always enjoyed the colour lavender as an option to move away from ‘pink’. But this year have noticed that the colour is definitely ‘on trend’ on the high street.

Lavender High Street
Lilac High Street by Boden, Next, Arket, M and S and JoJo Mamabebe

Many would argue this rise in popularity arose due to the launch in 2021 of the Apple Iphone in Lavender. As far back as Spring 2021 the trend forecast agency WGSN and colour consultancy Coloro had announced that the colour for 2023 would be ‘Digital Lavender’.

In her article Katrina Burroughs highlighted the colour lavender as the pretty neutral of Summer 2023. It is not hard to see why. Just as lavender sums up images of vast fields in Provence with swaying lavender stretching as far as the eye can see, the colour is a warm, smoky shade of purple that evokes feelings of relaxation and calmness, primarily when used in home décor.

In this recent bedroom scheme, we embraced the lavender and its versatility to blend with the natural world: - flowers, plants and natural textures.

This summer why not embrace the trend and embrace a lavender kitchen like the Country Ermine in Lavender Matt by Wren, if you are not so brave then why not make a statement with a lavender wall from Lick with Purple 06 or just go as far as accessorising with some stylish cooking utensils from Liberty!

Lavender Interior Design Ideas
Paint Colour from Lick, Kitchen from Wren, Cooking Pot by Liberty

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